Crawlspace Inspection

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Many inspections conducted inside of a home are performed when a home is up for sale or being sold. But there is no reason some of those inspections should not take place to ensure the safety and integrity of a home. Crawlspace inspections are a valuable service that can identify problem areas that could be problematic to your home. Crawlspace Remedics offers crawlspace inspection in Rock Hill, SC as we take on the duty of getting an up-close view of your crawlspace.

There are several things to look for during a crawlspace inspection and when you hire Crawlspace Remedics to conduct this service, you will receive a detailed report on the following issues which will all be inspected:

  • Humidity level
  • Amount of water entry
  • Presence of microbial growth
  • Structural integrity
  • Sources of moisture
  • Traces of pests or rodents
  • Signs of termites

We will provide suggestions on how to remedy any issues identified during the actual inspection. Moisture is the No.1 cause for problems in a crawlspace and that transcends to other problems throughout a home. Moisture can also cause damage to a home’s wooden support system, as well as the insulation. It can lead to the development of mold and mildew

However, there are other issues that we check for and they can also cause problems. Insects that eat wood can damage the foundation while other pests can destroy electrical wiring as well as insulation.

Signs That Your Home Needs To Be Inspected

The most opportune time of the year to conduct a crawlspace inspection is during the spring and early summer months. The temperature will not be excessively hot or cold and this will give a better overall examination of the area. It may also be good to conduct an inspection before the onset of winter. This will ensure the area is ready for the full brunt of Mother Nature. When homeowners put their house up for sale, it is a good idea to have a crawlspace inspection as it could alert them to issues that can be remedied to help facilitate the selling process.

Crawlspace Remedics has a detailed process that is undertaken in our crawlspace inspections. Our trained professionals know exactly what to look for as years of experienced have sharpened our attention to detail. Homeowners will be informed of each and every issue found and a solution will be designed. For crawlspace inspection in Rock Hill, SC, contact an associate at Crawlspace Remedics and we can schedule an appointment.

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