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The elements of Mother Nature can impact a home in more ways than one. Excessive rains and humid temperatures can actually affect the crawlspace inside a home. This is significant because it impacts indoor air quality as well as the structure of a home. Crawlspace encapsulation is a way of eliminating these threats ad Crawlspace Remedics can provide you with quality workmanship at an affordable price. We will make sure your crawlspace is protected from the elements, making a safer home for your family.

Crawlspace encapsulation offers protection against several detriments that can cause damage to a home. When you hire Crawlspace Remedics for crawlspace encapsulation, it will offer protection from the following elements:

  • Condensational moisture
  • Moisture that intrudes from the outside walls
  • Moisture vapors from the ground
  • Increased levels of humidity

Warning Signs

Most crawlspaces that are in need of encapsulation indicate that fact with warning signs. Some of those warning signs do not require a look inside the crawlspace. For example, chilly floors above the crawlspace during the winter months is a sign that encapsulation should be utilized. However, most of the warning signs are in the actual crawlspace and here is a look at some of them:

  • Open vents
  • Appearance of mold
  • Smell of mildew
  • Insulation that is damp and sullied
  • Signs of standing water
  • Presence of pests or small rodents
  • Metal that is rusted or wood that is rotted

Crawlspace encapsulation is completed by sealing off your entire crawlspace with a protective barrier. The materials that are used is comparable to a liner in a swimming pool. Sealing the ground, vents and walls takes the touch of a trained professional and the technicians at Crawlspace Remedics count years of experience to their credit. This also keeps vapors from rising up into your crawlspace and then filtered into your home.

More About The Encapsulating Process

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to encapsulating a crawlspace. It’s important to know the exact benefits of this type of service, as well as the function it performs. Here is a look at some lesser known facts.

  • Building codes – Most building codes do not make it a requirement to encapsulate a crawlspace. That is why there are a lot of crawlspaces in buildings filled with dirt, which creates a prime breeding ground for mold, mildew and moisture. Don’t assume a code will create favorable crawlspace conditions.
  • Airborne mold spores – The most common form of air pollutants inside a home come from mold spores. In response, scientist have actually recommended crawlspace encapsulation to create an environment where mold spores cannot exist.
  • Fiberglass – Insulating your crawlspace with fiberglass is not the correct way to go. What happens is the insulation begins to absorb moisture and that winds up promoting mold growth. It also reduces the R-Value and can even create conditions where the wood will begin to rot.

An Important Part Of Your Home

There are many people who fail to understand the importance of a crawlspace. This area is actually the part of your home that can impact the air throughout the home and that is because conditions in a crawlspace is changed on a daily basis. Encapsulating that area will put the power back in your hands and not let humidity and moisture dictate the quality of air in your home.

For the best crawlspace encapsulation Rock Hill, SC has to offer, contact the team at Crawlspace Remedics today.